Improving manufacturing efficiency through Ai

Why Choose DiscreteAi?

Agile, Real-Time Analysis for the Modern Manufacturing Fab.

DiscreteAi solutions help improve yields, reduce cycle time, and increase throughput for all types of manufacturing.


Quickly localize system, resources, and equipment with the greatest variation and predict efficiency matrices.


An intuitive PlexusView dashboard to manage critical manufacturing efficiency matrices.


Add or remove manufacturing lines, data streams, machine sensors and resources.


“If your profit is weighted down by manufacturing inefficiencies - Consider DiscreteAi”

PlexusTM is a unique software platform driven by powerful proprietary algorithms to deliver real-time analysis of manufacturing efficiency to improve profit margins. PlexusTM is customizable to any manufacturing process.


“Try amazing interactive Software Prototypes and compare the effectiveness of our solution to the competition”

We understand that mass manufacturing is highly complex, cost driven and a continuously changing environment. We designed our software as highly adaptable that requires minimal configuration and with the lowest cost of implementation for all types of manufacturing.

Battery Manufacturing

The battery market is growing at a rapid pace and is highly competitive.

Micro-LED Manufacturing

The LED market is growing at rapid pace in multiple segments such as Lighting, Automotive, Consumer, and Display.

Hard Disc Drive Manufacturing

Hard Discs Drive manufacturing is a well-established industry. Minimizing production costs for HDDs is more important than ever.

Shoe Manufacturing

Shoe manufacturing have historically been labor-intensive industry with multi-location segmented facilities.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas companies collect data from a diverse array of sources such as production wells, equipment diagnostic to process operations.

Electronics and Semiconductor

Semiconductor manufacturing is complex with yield losses and testing costs comprising up to 30 percent of the total production costs.

Case Studies

Complex Problems - Fast Solution - Real Cost Savings - DiscreteAi

DiscreteAi helps manufacturing organizations achieve a higher level of production efficiency and yield while providing analytical information to make strategic decisions. Find out how DiscreteAi helped customers improve their profit margins

Partner Program

“Lets Grow Together”

Our ideal partners are providers of MES solutions, factory automation developers, system integrators and manufacturing efficiency software distributors. Our partnership goal is to combine distinct expertise to mutually benefits from the growing application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in manufacturing.

MES Solution Provider

Integrate your MES solution with DiscereteAi powerful Manufacturing Analysis Tools to help your customer impove profit margins and Increase value of your MES solution

Factory Automation Provider

Embedd your IOT and automation solution with DiscreteAi's alogorithms and anlytics to improve your customers ROI

Systems Integrators Partner

Enable your clients digital transformation by including DiscreteAi’s yield and KPI analytics in combination with powerful predictive manitenance solution.

Distributor or Referral Partner

Within your designated territory, distribute and sell DiscreteAi’s manufacturig efficiency solution or refer us to earn comssion.

About Us

“Improving Manufacturing Efficiency Through Ai”

Our mission is to bring latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to small and medium size manufacturers to improve their profitability through increased manufacturing efficiencies.

Experienced Support Team

The DiscreteAi team comprises of manufacturing experts and builders of AI driven software solutions. We understand the ROI challenges faced by small and medium manufacturers because of our extensive experience in automated mass manufacturing.


Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to bring the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to small and medium size manufacturers.

Minimal Configuration

DiscreteAi created data driven real-time technology that requires minimal configuration.


Locate underperfoming resources without the need to understand complex statistics.


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1911 2nd street
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